Analysis: It doesn’t look like Trump’s executive actions on coronavirus relief will actually do much

I was covering the Saturday night shift when President Donald Trump announced the four executive actions he was signing in order to provide coronavirus pandemic relief when Congress was deadlocked on a bill. But after editing several stories on the news, it became clear his actions would take much longer than it seemed, and probably…


Hurricane categories tell only part of the story

I first wrote this explainer on hurricane categories to explain how a category 1 or 2 story could still do a ton of damage, depending on how much rain and storm surge occurs. I often update the story with info on new hurricanes so people can compare what’s currently happening with past examples. See the…

An explainer on the 25th Amendment

Interest in many Constitutional issues has grown since President Donald Trump took office, including on the 25th Amendment, which outlines how a president can transfer — or be removed from — power. I wrote an explainer on the amendment and its history for Business Insider. See the full story here »